150 Most Common English Phrasal

150 Most Common English Phrasal

150 Most Common English Phrasal

 smbd- somebody  sthg- something
Go on with/
carry on with sthg
(doing something)
Keep on (doing sthg)
Do it continuously or  repeatedly (always)
Get on To progress
Get on(with somebody) Have a good relationship.
Get on (with sthg) Continue doing sthg
  you have to do
  (usually after a break or an interruption)
Doze/ Fall asleep
nod + OFF

150 Most Common English Phrasal

Finish s l ag off Do the last part of sthg
Go off Explode
Go off Ring
Do up (a room, a building) Repair and improve it, Renovate
Look up Check , to consult
Put up Tolerate it, to bear, with stand
Hold up (a person. a plan) Delay Don’t wait for me.
Mix up/get people mixed up

(people, things)

Get confused
Away Away from home
Put smbd off Cause smbd not to 

want sthg or to do

Rip smbd Off Cheat somebody
Show off Try to impress
  people with your
  Ability / your knowledge etc. To boast
Tell smbd off Speak angrily to
  smbd because they
  did smthg wrong
Put sthg up To hang
(on a wall)

Pick sthg up

To gather
Stand up Get up on your feet
Turn sthg up To raise
Put sthg down To set
Sit/Bend/Lie +
Turn sthg down Lower
Away Away from a place, a person
Back Back home
Back Back to place, a person
Get away Escape, leave with difficulty
Get away with sthg Do sthg wrong without being discovered
Keep away (from) Don’t go near
Give sthg away Give it smbd else because you don’t want it any more
Put sthg away Put in the place where is kept, usitally out of sight
Throw sthg away Put it in the rubbish
Wave/Smile/ Shout/Write/ Hit smbd + BACK Return a wave, smile, shout etc.
Call/Phone/ Ring smbd + BACK Return a phone call etc.
Get back (to smbd) phone Reply to them by etc.
Look back (on sthg) Think about sthg that happened in the past, reminiscence
Pay back (money) To return money
Pay smbd back To return money at someone

            150 Most Common English Phrasal

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