PTE Academic Speaking answer short question semple

PTE Academic Speaking answer short question semple

PTE Academic Speaking answer short question.Most repeated answer short question

1 Consumption was the former name of which disease


2 Which American state is nicknamed The Diamond State


3 What are the Sirocco, Mistral and Chinook


4 Who wrote about Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl

5 Who, at USA customs declared, nothing but my genius

Oscar Wilde

6 Issur Danielovitch became famous a who

Kirk Douglas

7 Who sailed in the Golden Hind

Sir Francis Drake

8 What was the name of the plantation in Gone with the Wind


9 Who won the 1988 Superbowl

Washington Redskins

10 Which group believes in The Great Architect of the Universe Freemasons

PTE Academic Speaking answer short question semple

11 Robert Alan Zimmerman real name of who

Bob Dylan

12 Processed Galena produces which metal


13 Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels (both names)

Jonathon Swift

14 What is a Ha Ha

Sunken Fence

15 In Japan what is Seppuku

Hari Kari – suicide

16 Who discovered blood circulation

William Harvey

17 The dunnock is another name for which common bird

Hedge Sparrow

18 If someone said they were from Hellas – which country


19 Who was the son of Zeus and Maia – Gods Messenger


20 Roy Scherer jr became famous as who

Rock Hudson

PTE Academic Speaking answer short question semple

21 Who wrote Brave New World (full name)

Aldus Huxley

22 What links Calabria, Liguria, Puglia and Veneto

Regions of Italy

23 Which city in Rajasthan has riding breeches named after it


24 Portugal has had six Kings with what first name


25 What martial arts name means gentle way


26 Jean Claude Killy famous in which sport


27 Kimberlite contains what precious item


28 Who directed Dr Strangelove – 2001 – The Shining (full name)

Stanley Kubrick

29 Rene Lalique – Art Nouveau designer worked what material


30 Who created the children’s land of Narnia and Lion Witch Wardrobe

Clive Staples Lewis

PTE Academic Speaking answer short question

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