PTE Academic speaking answer short questions

PTE Academic Speaking answer short questions. Most repeated answer short question

PTE Academic Speaking answer short questionsPTE Academic speaking answer short questions

We have compiled answer short question samples for PTE exam aspirants. Lets have a look a the list of questions below:

PTE Academic Speaking answer short questions. Most repeated answer short question

Questions Answers
1 How would you describe an economy based largely on farming  ?  agriculturist
2 What is the study of stars and planets called ? Astronomy
3 In business and advertising what does PR stand for ? Public Relations
4 Which section of a Newspapers gives the editor’s opinion  ? editorial
5 What instrument would you use to examine very small objects or life forms  ? Microscope
6 What is a destructive program that spreads from computer to computer  ? Virus
7 What term is used for animals such as humans that usually give birth to live young : mammals or reptiles  ? Mammals
8 What is the quickest way of traveling from Hong Kong  to Paris  ? by plane
9 What is the name for the huge natural body that orbits the sun  ? A planet
10 What feature do pianos and computers have in common  ? Keyboard
11 If you are feeling fed up, is it a positive or negative feeling ? Negative feeling
12 What emergency service is usually called when someone is in trouble at sea : ambulance or coastguard ? Coastguard
13 Name a month that falls between April and June? May
14 What word describes moving a program or other material from a website to your computer? Downloading
15 What do we call a picture that a doctor takes to see inside your body  ? X-ray
16 A famous canal links the Mediterranean sea with the Indian Ocean. Is it the Corinth or the Suez Canal  ? Suez Canal
17 What crime has someone stealing items from a shop committed: shopfitting or shoplifting  ? Shop Lifting
18 If someone is feeling a little ill, they may say they are feeling  “under the                          ” what ? Weather
19 Where would you most likely go to buy some flour; a bakery, a florist or a supermarket  ? A Supermarket
20 Which hospital department would you go to for an x-ray : radiology or cardiology  ? Radiology
21 Where would you go to see an exhibition of sculpture  ?  Art gallery /Museum
22 Would you measure the volume of bottle water in liters or Kilos  ? Litres
23 What’s the joint called where your hand is connected to your arm  ? Wrist
24 What do you call a system of government in which people vote for the people who will represent them   ? Democracy
25 What do we call the piece of paper that proves you have bought the item  ? Receipt
26 What do you call the document that gives details about your qualifications and work experience  ?  Resume
27 What do we call a period of 1000 years ? Millennium
28 A specialist who repairs leaking water pipes is called as ? Plumber
29 What is a painting of person head usually called ? Portrait
30 Where would you find an urban area: in a city or in the countryside  ? a city
31 What do we call it when the Moon completely blocks out the light from the Sun  ? A Solar Eclipse
32 What point of compass is directly opposite to East ? West
33 Where do you pay for your purchases at a supermarket ? Till or checkout
34 What do you call an apartment that is below ground level: a basement apartment or a  penthouse  Basement apartment
35 What do we call a period of 10 years ? Decade
36 What do we call a period of 100 years ? Century
37 Who is the person in charge of a football match ? Referee
38 What do we call the last game in a sporting competition, which decide the champion  ? Finals
39 What is the general term of paintings of the countryside or natural views  ? Landscape
40 Which of these would probably be found in an office : a printer, a blanket or a nail brush  ? a printer
41 Where would you store meat you wish to keep frozen at home  ? Freezer
42 What is the most important document you would have to show if you wanted to hire a car  ? Drivers Licence
43 Where would you go to work out on a treadmill ? Gym
44 What piece of equipment would you use to go diving in the sea, an aqualung or an aquaplane  ? aqualung
45 What piece of equipment would you use for floating on the sea  ? Aquaplane

More answer short question will be updated from recent exams.

PTE Academic speaking answer short questions

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