PTE Describe Image and Retell Lecture Tips

PTE Describe Image and Retell Lecture TipsPTE Describe Image and Retell Lecture Tips

PTE Describe Image and Retell Lecture Tips

Describe Image:-

Whether you are understanding the graph or not, the only main thing to keep in mind is that it is a speaking task so you have to speak and show that you can speak.

When you describe the graph and if you are not getting what to say,

firstly describe the image is depicting with words like the graph shows, illustrates or depicts. You can say about the numbers which are on the vertical axis and the years which are on the horizontal axis, following this you can add the units like the graph has degree Celsius as unit or the million dollars or percentage.

Please say these things if you feel weak as a speaker, your main focus should be to say at least 3 sentences.
1.   say about the topic.
2.  say the unit
3.  say the horizontal and vertical axis points like years or percentage.

Some common points note on describing image:-



Metropolitan area

A material of building ( mirror or other)

Shape of building

Timing of day


PTE Describe Image and Retell Lecture Tips

Retell lecture: –

Understand the theme and note the keywords from the lecture and when starting say:-

This lecture/talk is about (name the topic)/The main purpose of the lecture is about______ and then add some points which you have heard.


The lecture was emphasis on………

In the mid of lecture……………

To summarize lecture ………

In the end of lecture speaker said that…………..


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