PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 2

PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 2PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 2


Light is the medium by which broadband and telecommunications signals are conceded over at the fastest speeds possible over these cables. It is bounded around the glass fibers, and produces total internal reflection to facilitate high speed light travel to carry data and other elements. The origins of this method came from a scientific demonstration by Daniel Colladon, a Swiss physicist, and Jacques Babinet, a French physicist back in 1842.
It demonstrated the behaviour of light as it approved through water flowing down a tube to form a downward fountain. By 1880, Alexander Graham Bell and Sumner Tainter used this method as a basis of the Photophone in the USA where voice transmits using light was carried out.

PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 2


The Central Potato Research Institute (CPRI) was founded in 1949, approximately two years after national independence, to develop potato variations and technologies appropriate to Indian conditions.  By 1950, 32 cultured varieties had been identified, 16 each of relatively current European import and more locally adapted so-called Desi varieties (Pandey and Kaushik 2003).  By 2002, CPRI had released an additional 35 varieties, contributing to an colossal expansion of potato cultivation and productivity.

Ans – conceded, bounded, approved, transmits
Correct pronunciation- carried, bounced, passed, transmissions
2.  variations, cultured, current, colossal
Correct pronunciation- varieties, cultivated, recent, enormous

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