PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 3

PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 3PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 3


In 1869 Cardiff, the Doctor and Rose found a dead woman possessed by a Gelth, a person turned to gas by the Time War. Rose chased after Mr. Sneed and Gwyneth, who had taken the woman’s corpse into their hear. Rose was chloroformed and taken to Sneed and Company, where other “zombies” had also been animate by the Gelth. The Doctor chased after Rose along with Charles Dickens. In the morgue, the Doctor had Gwyneth try and pull the Gelth through the Riftusing her psychic connection to it from a young age.

The Gelth, numbering in the billions rather than just a few, wanted to wipe out humanity and take over their bodies. The Doctor, Rose and Dickens escaped from the Gelth by filling the room with gas, sucking out the Gelth from the remains. Gwyneth, who had already died from contacting the Gelth, lit a match, trapping them and saving the world.

PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 3


Modern agriculture has create a demand for plant biotechnology products that provide durable resistance to insect pests, tolerance of herbicide application for weed control, and agronomic traits tailored for specific geographies. These transgenic trait products entail a modular and sequential multigene stacking platform that is supported by precise genome engineering technology.

Designed nucleases have occurred as potent tools for creating targeted DNA double strand breaks. Exogenously supplied donor DNA can repair the targeted DSB by a process known as gene targeting , resulting in a desired adjustment of the target genome. The potential of GT technology has not been fully appreciated for trait deployment in agriculture, mainly because of inefficient transformation and plant rejuvenation systems in a majority of crop plants and genotypes.

1- deceased, creature, hearse, animated, wished, cadavers      2 – created, applications, require, emerged, modification, realized, regeneration