PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 4

PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 4PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 4


In March 2005, Rose was working in the branch store, Henrik’s, when she was asked to give lottery winning to the chief electrician, Wilson. Unable to find him, Rose realised she was not alone and was in fact trapped and about to be killed by living plastic creatured called Autons. The Ninth Doctor pulled Rose away and ran with her. Escaping inside a lift, he pulled an Auton’s arm off.

The Doctor told her that Wilson had been killed by the Autons. He presaged Rose he was going to use explosives against the relay transmitting to the Autons and told her to run. The Doctor destroyed the store shortly before Rose left, leaving her jobless. The following day, Rose met the Doctor at her home. She questioned him about the living plastic beings. The amputated Auton arm Mickey had earlier disposed of tracked the Doctor to the flat and attacked the Doctor and Rose. After the Doctor activated the signal to the arm, he left, telling Rose to forget him.

PTE Listening- Highlight Incorrect Words Practice 4


Some synonyms reflect advertent description of a species that had already been described by another researcher, but many other synonyms are the by-product of our cultivating understanding of the relationships among species, which results in species being ‘moved’ from one genus to another IPNI records only menclatural synonymy. Newly published names of families, genera, species and subspecies are added to the IPNI database daily, at an average rate of over 6,000 additions per year, of which most (70%) are for species. Of these, about 50% are species new to science and the outstanding 50% are synonyms Australia, Brazil and China are the top three cause countries for the new species of vascular plants entered into IPNI over the past decade.


1 – Branch, winning, creatured, presaged, before, activated —- Correct pronunciation- department, winnings, creatures, warned, after, deactivated  2- advertent, cultivating, menclatural,  outstanding, cause  — Correct pronunciation- inadvertent, improving, nomenclatural, remaining, source